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The Fitness Founders Podcast

Apr 15, 2020

Alex Hormozi is the founder and owner of Gym Launch a business that helps gym owners build massively profitable gyms. Initially, he struggled as a gym owner but began a process of learning as much as he could to fix every problem with his business.

He transformed one struggling gym into 6 packed and profitable gyms and launched a business to help other gyms achieve the same success.

The Gym Launch model has transformed over 1500 gyms in four continents. He is also the author of Gym Launch Secrets and the host of the Gym Secrets Podcast

In this episode, Alex gives advice on making your business a revenue-driving machine, explains why accountability will be the key differentiator and lays out some top tips for mastering sales over the phone.

This podcast is brought to you by Glofox, a gym software management company. If you are looking to accelerate growth, work efficiently and deliver a well-branded boutique customer experience, check us out at